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Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Gabriel Law Corporation is a full-service law firm, made up of a team of experienced lawyers who are skilled and knowledgeable in the various domains of civil law, criminal law, commercial law and corporate law.


We are dedicated to helping you with your legal needs. No case is too small or trivial for us, and we will work with you every step of the way to provide you with accessible support so you are empowered in making informed decisions.

Areas of Practice


Litigation and Arbitration:

  • Litigation involving Banking and Finance Disputes;

  • Commercial and Corporate Disputes;

  • Investigations and Asset Recovery;

  • Tort and Contractual Claims;

  • Domestic and International Arbitration;


Pre-Emptive Remedies such as Mareva, Mandatory, and Prohibitory Injunctions;


Debt Recovery, enforcement of Claims against borrowers and security providers, including arrest of ships, enforcement of guarantees, charges, Mortgages, assignments, and Trust Receipts;


Corporate Litigation:

  • Rights and Liabilities of Directors;

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties;

  • Shareholder Disputes;

  • Minority Shareholders' oppression action


Banking Litigation:

  • Trade Financing; 

  • Wrongful payment by a Bank under a Letter of Credit;

  • Unauthorized Transactions under a private client banking contract;

  • Contracts of Guarantee;

  • Enforceability of Negotiable Instruments;

  • Bills of Exchange Act


Receivership, Insolvency and Judicial Management;


Criminal Law


Family Law:

  • Divorce Proceedings;

  • PPO Application

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