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We have handled more than 1000 cases over the last 35 years and here are some of our more recent notable cases.

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  1. Represented the Appellant, essentially the Government of Serbia, in the Court of Appeal against a garnishee order. 
    Teleoptik-Ziroskopi and others v Westacre Investments Inc and other appeals [2012] 2 SLR 177; [2012] SGCA 8

  2. Represented the Judgement Debtor, a company wholly-owned by the Serbian Government, before the Court of Appeal, regarding the registration of a foreign judgement in Singapore.
    Westacre Investments Inc v The State-Owned Company Yugoimport SDPR (also known as Jugoimport-SDPR) [2009] 2 SLR(R) 166; [2008] SGCA 48

  3. Principles of Striking Out
    Gabriel Peter & Partners (suing as a firm) v Wee Chong Jin and others [1997] SGCA 53

  4. If a foreigner who may be a resident in Singapore, is still liable for Security for Costs.
    Tjong Very Sumito and others v Chan Sing En and others [2010] SGHC 344; [2011] SGCA 40

  5. When a Corporate Veil can be lifted in Law.
    Tjong Very Sumito and others v Chan Sing En and others [2012] SGHC 125
    Alwie Handoyo v Tjong Very Sumito and another and another appeal [2013] SGCA 44

  6. Annulment of Bankruptcy Order
    Standard Chartered Bank v Chua Seng Kiat [2019] SGHC 240

  7. Trustee’s Breach of Trust and his/her liability as a Fiduciary.
    Lalwani Shalini Gobind and another v Lalwani Ashok Bherumal [2019] SGHC 1

  8. Claims on Bills of Lading, Effect of an endorsement
    BNP Paribas v Bandung Shipping Pte Ltd (Shweta International Pte Ltd and another, third parties) [2003] SGHC 111

  9. The Analysis on the disposal of Criminal Proceeds and the prevention of the confiscation of legitimate sale of assets.
    Centillion Environment & Recycling Ltd (formerly known as Citiraya Industries Ltd) v Public Prosecutor and others and another appeal [2012] SGCA 65
    Public Prosecutor v Ng Teck Leng (Centillion Environment & Recycling Ltd (formerly known as Citiraya Industried Ltd) and another, other parties) (Ung Yoke Hooi, intevener) and another matter [2011] SGHC 205

  10. Orders for Protection; Application of PPO 
    VIJ v VII [2021] SGFC 29

  11. Probate and Administration
    Foo Jee Boo and another v Foo Jhee Tuang and another (Foo Jee Seng, Intevener) [2015] SGHC 176
    Foo Jee Boo and another v Foo Jhee Tuang and others [2016] SGHC 260

  12. Misuse of Drugs Act; satisfaction of requirements under ss 33B(2)(a) and 33B(3)(a), burden of proof on the balance of probabilities.
    Public Prosecutor v Chum Tat Suan and another [2014] SGCA 59

  13. Appeal before the Court of Appeal for the admission of further evidence.
    WBG Network (S) Pte Ltd v Sunny Daisy Ltd [2007] SGCA 1

​14. Appeal before the Court of Appeal for Equity — Defences.
Ong Chai Soon v Ong Chai Koon and others [2022] SGCA 36 

(2013) 25 SAcLJ Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof in Civil Litigation

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